Embrace social media – 5 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using It

Social media is not just for teenagers. It is now a vital way to interact with your customers. You can even benefit from this if you are B2B, as social networks like LinkedIn span across personal and business relationships. There is no better way of focussing marketing spend to a specific demographic than social marketing.

Here are five ways in which social media can benefit you:

Social Media Lets You Reach More People

Studies have shown that two thirds of adults use social media. This makes it easy to market your services to a large population. Instead of a scatter-shot approach, social media allows you to very precisely choose the demographics to whom you wish to market yourself.

Social Media Marketing Is Easy to Share

A user can easily share an advertisement that’s posted up on a social media website. What this means is that once you’ve created a post, people will eventually ensure that it reaches your target market as they pass it to people who they think may be interested in it.

Strong Social Media Builds Brand Loyalty

A brand with active social media profiles tends to have a greater number of loyal customers. When you take the time to engage with them on social media they will buy into your brand.

Social Media Gives You the Ability to Communicate Better with Customers

Once you’ve published content on social media, you can follow customer responses and feedback. What’s more you can directly respond to your customer’s questions and messages. This helps you engage with your audience better and will keep them coming back for more.

Find New Customers

As you work on social media marketing you will come across new groups, which will all have customers that may wish to check out your website. Targeted marketing spend can pick customers in any demographic you choose to introduce them to your products and services.

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