Killer Dust - The single most common reason computers failWhat do you think is the most common reason to have to replace a computer? Believe it or not, the single biggest thing that kills computers is dust.

Dust and fluff gets inside the machine and blocks its fans and heat sinks causing them to run inefficiently or even fail, due to overheating. Heat damages the delicate computer chips and can literally melt the insides of the machine.

What Can I Do About Dust?

The first – and most obvious thing – is to keep your computer away from dust. If it is a laptop then shut it away in a protective case when it is not in use, rather than leaving it out. Try to keep the computer in a relatively dust-free environment. This is particularly important in some commercial scenarios where machinery can create dust that will damage them.

You should keep your computer clean. Vacuum the air intakes regularly to stop dust build ups. Avoid blowing into the fans, as this just forces the dust further inside and can clog the mechanism. Always make sure your computer has plenty of room around it for ventilation, too.

What If It Is Clogged Up?

Don’t panic: it’s not all over. All desktop and most laptop computers can be easily dismantled in order to access the fans and heat sinks. This means that the offending detritus can be removed by a professional. If necessary, fans and heat sinks can be replaced at low cost.

If the system has begun to overheat then there may be more problems: components or even the entire motherboard may need to be replaced. If this is the case then it may well be time to think about upgrading the entire machine.

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