Crypto Locker VirusOne of our clients recently called us after being threatened by a crypto virus. It turned out to be a hoax, but we were astonished at the client’s relative lack of concern about the potential infection, believing that we would be able to sort everything out. Whilst that may well be the case, you cannot be too careful and it is right to be concerned about crypto viruses as there is no real cure, only prevention.

If your system is hit by a crypto virus, it will immediately and irrevocably be locked from use. Your files will be encrypted and inaccessible and you will likely see a pop up demanding a ransom fee to release the files. If you do not pay then the files on your system are most likely gone forever, and if you do then the best-case scenario is that you risk your financial details being compromised. There is no guarantee that paying the ransom will actually result in your files being released. Even then the virus will still be on your system, ready to gold your business to ransom again and again and again.

Keep Safe From Crypto Viruses

We have published advice on how to keep yourself safe from viruses and ransomware, and the two most important points are to have a quality virus killer running and up-to-date at all times, and to exercise extreme caution when clicking links and opening files from emails. If in doubt, DO NOT CLICK!

The other critical thing to have in place is a backup regime. You will need to restore from a backup that predates the infection of your systems. We recommend keeping at least 21 days’ worth of whole system backups and not relying on incremental backups.

What To Do After Virus Infection

If you are threatened by a crypto virus, don’t panic, but DO take it seriously. Unplug the computer from the network by the cable, switch off wifi and call an expert immediately before any further damage is done. Otherwise the infection can spread to all of your computers in a matter of seconds and destroy all of your company documents. How many companies could survive that?

Digitalquill IT Experts

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