secure corporate standard routersOne of our ten tips for 2017 is to ensure your systems are secure You should use corporate standard routers and firewalls to protect your business network. We often find businesses using poor quality consumer grade equipment which is insecure. If you process card transactions you need to be PCI-DSS compliant, which is unlikely if you have not installed specialist equipment or had your Firewalls specifically configured.

For example: If you take credit cards payments and offer wireless connectivity to customers – for example in a cafe or hotel – then you must take additional IT security measures. Public Wi-Fi access and business systems and card terminals must be split up, but you do not need two networks, or two internet connections. It is possible for us to configure a firewall that will keep the different areas completely separate from one another. We can also add Quality of Service (QoS) rules to prevent your business internet connection from being throttled by customers’ usage by saving an amount of bandwidth exclusively for your business use. This is particularly important for Hull businesses due to the generally slow nature of our internet connections.

As well as physical security you must also ensure you have policies – for example you should have a documented plan for the rotation of passwords and schedule regular updates of software and operating systems. If you read our post on Strategic I.T. Planning, we outline our Virtual IT Director service which can help in this arena.

Information security is easy to control, and simply requires the right mix of governance, policies and software and hardware to prevent, discourage or trace any security problems that might occur. Your data needs to be stored securely, restricted to those who need access to it, and protected from prying eyes inside and outside of your organisation. Digitalquill’s IT security experts will soon find any gaps in your policies or systems that could be exploited – and plug them for you quickly.

Our Document Management system, for example, controls who can see documents. It tracks who those documents have been sent to and who has viewed them. All documents are stored in a encrypted format. These documents are all automatically backed up. This not only gives you the confidence that your company documents are not going to be accessed by any third party, but also that they are secure from a disaster such as disk failures on your Office PCs or theft of a laptop.

The business community must wake up to the security threats that exist; be that from spyware or ransomware; hacking; or even natural disasters suchas flood and fire. All of these could potentially threaten your business continuity. Once the event has happened, it might be impossible to recover your data and systems. Prevention is the best medicine, through devloping and acting on a strong plan for your security in your Strategic IT Planning.

Digitalquill – Information Security Experts

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