Strategic IT Plan with our Virtual IT Director ServiceYour business may not be based in the technology sector, but you still use technology every day of the week. Everything from your printer to your mobile phone is based on ever-more complex technology. If you do not have a strategic IT plan then your business is at risk being left behind as technology moves on. If you leave it too late, then catching up can be disruptive and expensive. It is cost effective to have a strategic IT plan professionally developed to unlock the technological potential you are missing or simply to make sure you are making the most of what you have.

In smaller companies, the owner has to be a Jack of all Trades – but all the best business people know where their limitations lie and bring in subject matter experts when they need them. You most likely already outsource graphic design work, printing or courier services without a second thought – but what about keeping the computer hardware and software that your business depends on up to date and running smoothly?

For those of us without the budget, or need, for a full-time member of staff purely to oversee your IT provision, computer systems, technical support etc., it can be tempting to leave them by the wayside, or to wait until it is too late and spend a big chunk of your hard-earned profits on expensive consultants and new equipment.

This is where Digitalquill’s Virtual IT Director service comes in. We will work with you, as part of the team, to develop your digital strategy. We will get to know your business systems and processes so we can recommend to your board of directors the areas in which your IT can be improved – to build the success of your business.

We do exactly what an IT director does: we ensure business continuity plans are created and tested; check your systems are secure; and make a plan for your business in terms of its technological progress to allow you to maintain a competitive advantage.

We can identify quick wins to improve technical performance and help you develop a rolling plan that keeps your hardware and software up to date. This lets you spread the cost of upgrades and future proof your business as technology continues to improve without unexpected costs.

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