Dual Monitors Increase ProductivityThree’s the magic number for gaming PC maker Razer, as they introduced the CES tech show in Las Vegas to their latest innovation: A laptop with three fold-out 4k screens!

The concept laptop has been wowing audiences as the extra two 17in screens fold out automatically, and when folded up the laptop is just 1.5 inches thick. Although intended for the gaming market, it is impossible to underestimate just how much your productivity can be boosted by working across multiple screens.

Add a second monitor for a low-cost productivity boost

Almost all modern laptops have an HDMI or similar display port, and this can be used to connect a second monitor. Your display can be mirrored to the second screen or, more usefully, you can use it to extend your desktop.

This gives you additional working space, and allows you to compare documents or spreadsheets side by side, or to keep your email program open on one screen whilst working on a second. You will find double screen setups in use everywhere from the creative industries to emergency services control rooms.

Quality monitors can be purchased for as little as £70, and can be installed with a single cable to your laptop. Desktop computers may need an additional, inexpensive piece of hardware to add a second display port.

Digitalquill: IT Productivity Experts

Why not try working across two screens to see for yourself how much more productive life is when you do not need to constantly switch between windows in your workspace. Digitalquill are experienced in improving productivity through IT solutions, and this is one of the quickest and cheapest boosts for any company.

Digitalquill can supply all of the IT equipment you need and help you make the alterations to your system settings to increase your productivity with multiple screens. For more information call us on 01482 424402 or email office@www.digitalquill.co.uk.