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DMS Document Management

DMS Document ManagementDo you have folder upon folder of disorganised documents? Is your email server groaning under the strain of uncontrolled file attachments flying around your network? Do you struggle to find the latest version of policy documents? Then you need a Document Management system.

Why Your Business Needs a Document Management System

Here are some of the ways a document management system can help your business:


When documents are not being managed well, the chance of information leaking is very real. If sensitive information is lost or stolen, it can do real damage. A Document Management System lets you to keep business information confidential. An electronic audit trail lets you know who has viewed, distributed or edited your files.

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Version Control

A document management system is a central repository (or “single point of truth”) for your documents. Your staff can access, view or share documents, safe in the knowledge they are always referring to the latest version. When you have a DMS that stores your documents in secure cloud storage, they are easier to find and retrieve.

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Save Time and Money

Time really does mean money, so the less time your team spend creating, reviewing, distributing or printing out documents, the better. A document management system is relatively inexpensive to run but it yields huge rewards in saved time. When your documents are kept under control, your business is under control.

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Make Sharing Simple

Managing and controlling documents can be hard. There can be multiple copies floating around, and whenever changes are made, it makes it more difficult to tell if you are referring to the latest version. A document management system lets you share a link instead of a file, so it is always up to date and reduces network bandwidth.

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ISO9001 Document Management

Does your business need ISO9001 compliant records or document management? Digitalquill’s Document Management System can be used alongside your policies and procedures to make ISO9001 compliance easier.

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Digitalquill – Experts in Document Management

Digitalquill has been working with Document Management Systems for 15 years. We can help you become ISO9001 compliant. For more information call us on 01482 424402 or email

IT Support

IT SupportTrying to do everything yourself in a small business can have a negative effect. It forces your staff to specialise in too many areas, and diverts them from their core roles. When you outsource your IT support you get access to the skills and resources you need without having to employ dedicated staff. That way you keep costs manageable.

Do Small Businesses Need IT Support?

If you don’t have dedicated IT staff and don’t have a support agreement with an IT company, it is likely that you use one of your current staff with IT knowledge when something goes wrong. The trouble with this is that it takes the person away from their normal work and that person may not have the skills to solve every IT issue.

Hull Small Business Computer Support

With a proper support contract in place your system will run at optimal speed and have less downtime. Your data will be more secure, and your staff can work more productively. If you cannot afford to hire your own internal IT staff, then outsourced IT support in Lincolnshire or East Yorkshire is the perfect solution to gain access to a bigger knowledge base and advanced support tools.

East Yorkshire IT Support for Small Businesses

Imagine you want one of your staff to get access to another member of staff’s mailbox. When you try to set it up, calendars do not sync correctly. It seems like a small issue but it can cause major problems if important information is lost or appointments are missed. Issues like this can be avoided if you have outsourced IT support in place.

Lincolnshire IT Support

The cost of getting access to IT support staff is repaid with the return on investment of having more system up-time. You gain have access to a more comprehensive skill set, dedicated support tools and a knowledge base which you and your staff can tap into. If your small business in Hull, Scunthorpe or Beverley has no internal IT staff and no support contract with a IT support company then ask yourself: what if your IT system went go down or if there was an IT problem you could not fix – what effect would that have on your business?

Digitalquill – Experts in IT Support

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Password Security

Password SecuritySome cyber criminals attempt to gain access to software and systems by using programs that guess your password. Such “brute force” attacks try millions of combinations of letters and numbers until they eventually find a password that works. They will begin by using common words so never use a dictionary word alone as your password. Every single additional character or number that you add to your password will exponentially improve its security. Breaches of security often happen simply because passwords are never changed from the default ones that come with a router or software program. You must always change the passwords on routers and other devices as soon as they are connected to your network.

Google Study on Account Hijacking

Google recently conducted a study to gain a better understanding of how criminals steal passwords. It analysed online black markets between March 2016 to March 2017 and found:

  • 788,000 credentials were stolen by keyloggers,
  • 12 million passwords stolen by phishing,
  • 3 billion lost in third-party breaches

12 percent of the records it found used a Gmail address as their username, and they found that seven percent of those reused the same password as Gmail. This shows that third party breaches are by far the most common way passwords are stolen and so if you reuse passwords on multiple sites there is a much higher chance of becoming a victim of cyber theft.

Set a Strong Password

Following some general rules can help your password stay secure:

  • The longer the better. The more characters in your password, the harder it is to crack. You don’t have to remember a string of unintelligible digits: even three dictionary words run into each other will be difficult to crack.
  • Use different types of character such as numbers, symbols and punctuation marks.
  • Avoid using dictionary words or names – especially single words on their own. Consider three random words such as “dogeggsandwich” or song lyrics such as “toseethestars”
  • If you must use dictionary words, put several together into a phrase and replace letters with similar-looking symbols.: @ for a, ! for I, $ for s, and so on.
  • Use a different password for every account. That way if one password is compromised the rest will still be safe – your most secure account is only as safe as the security on your weakest if you reuse passwords.
  • Avoid using personal information such as childrens names, birthdays, sports teams or pet names. If people know or find out this information they can target an attack at you personally by trying these passwords first.

Digitalquill –Hull Business IT Support

We can advise you on IT security if you are a small business in Hull, East Yorkshire or Lincolnshire. Call Digitalquill on 01482 424402 or visit for more information.


CRM System

CRM System

If your business has customers, then you know just how important their loyalty is. The cost of attracting new customers is far greater than retaining the ones you already have. The trouble with customer relationship management (CRM) is that customers do not like to be bombarded with sales messages. The solution: Customer loyalty cards with embedded RFID systems – integrated into a CRM system.

If your business has customers, you need a CRM System

Digitalquill’s Client Management System is a powerful, fully-featured customer relationship management (CRM) system for service companies. Using an inexpensive RFID card, your staff no longer need to remember each customer’s individual needs and expectations: a full history of all of their activities can be shown on-screen when they swipe their loyalty card.

Multiple sites? Not a problem

The Client Management System is a tool that is especially for multi-site businesses such as hairdressers or beauty salons. No matter which of your locations the customer visits, they get the personal level of service they expect – no matter which member of staff serves them. So, whether you are a beautician or a mechanic, you can keep a full and accurate record of every interaction between every customer and your business all at the click of a mouse.

Customer Data at the click of a mouse

Client Management System Records everything you want to know about your customers – and it can be integrated directly into your marketing system. Social media, text messaging and email can all be connected. Full analytics are available for each stream, so you can target your customers who only use a single one of your services to encourage them to use more. The system can even book a customer’s appointment at a specific time, with a technician and room of their choice – and automated text message reminders to customers can be sent on the morning of the booking help you to cut down on missed appointments.

Digitalquill: Experts in CRM

If your business would benefit from CRM, call us on 01482 424402 to find out how we can help you, or visit


SSD Solid State Drive

SSD Solid State DriveIf your office PC is beginning to run more slowly, then it is a sure sign that the time has come to upgrade its hardware. You do not always have to go to the trouble of replacing an entire PC, though. An upgrade is available that is cheap, quick, and makes a bigger difference to your system speed than any other upgrade: replacing your machine’s hard drive with a Solid State Drive (or SSD).

What is an SSD?

The Solid State Drive is a direct replacement for a hard disk. Unlike a hard drive, which is a mechanical device that consists of a magnetic head that reads from a spinning platter, an SSD has no moving parts whatsoever. An SSD is entirely made of solid state electronics. Think of it as being like a bigger version of a memory stick. Because it has no moving parts, it is more energy efficient than a mechanical drive and far less susceptible to failure.

A 5-year old computer running an SSD will boot up quicker than a brand new one with a hard drive. In fact, your logon time can be as little as 5 to 10 seconds compared to many minutes on an old machine. Often your PC boots up before your monitor switches out of energy saving mode!

Digitalquill – Computer upgrades in Hull, East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

Digitalquill’s IT support division can help you upgrade your hard drives to SSDs. We can supply the equipment and install it for you, copying your existing data across, to save time and effort. We can make sure that we fully backup and restore your system in order to have a seamless transition. You will notice an immense speed boost in day to day usage of your computer right away. We can install an SSD into almost any desktop or laptop machine.

Call Digitalquill today on 01482 424402, email or visit for more information.


Social Engineering

Social EngineeringWe all know that it is wrong to open attachments from unknown emails, follow links on social media that we do not trust and to download software from unauthorised sources. But these are not the only routes a criminal may use to get access to your business systems.

Cyber Crime Through Social Engineering

Social engineering is when a criminal manipulates an individual to enable criminal activity. In today’s cyberthreat-aware world people are less likely to click on links in emails that they do not know. But it may be possible for them to be tricked into doing so and take away the hard work for the criminal. Social engineering is becoming more common and people have been persuaded to grant access to systems and share information or even hand over money as a result.


This is where emails are sent by criminals pretending to be someone else – often to hundreds of recipients at once. They claim to be from a bank, government agency or other trusted organisation. The aim is to get the recipient to reveal confidential email such as passwords.

Phishing East Yorkshire IT support
An example of a “phishing” email

Because the source appears to be legitimate, people are more likely to reply or click the link. It is possible to “spoof” an email address so the sender appears to be the correct email address, or they use similar – but inaccurate – email addresses to the real company.


This is the same as phishing, but directed at an individual. The “sender” will often be someone that the person knows such as a colleague, boss or IT support company. Often, information obtained from social media sites will be used to make the email more convincing.

Digitalquill – East Yorkshire and Hull’s Internet Security Specialists

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Fire Door Monitor

Fire Door MonitorIt is extremely dangerous to ever wedge or prop open a fire door. It puts the safety of the occupants at risk if there is a fire. Fire doors need to be kept closed to prevent fire and smoke from being able to spread. Legally, if you wedge open a fire door and puts someone’s life at risk, you could be liable for some significant penalties, including a hefty fine.

Why are fire doors necessary?

Fire doors are there to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. They are designed to withstand fire for a certain length of time to protect building occupants while they are evacuated – providing they are shut. Keeping fire doors closed is usually achieved with a self-closing device. They are a vital part of a building’s fire strategy, but they can only do their job if they are always kept closed.

If a fire door is prevented from closing, the fire can spread quicker, putting occupants in danger. Fire doors are marked with a sign that says: ‘Fire door, keep shut’. If you see a fire door propped open with a wedge, fire extinguisher, chair, plant etc., you need to make sure it is removed so the door stays shut.

Why do people wedge open fire doors?

Despite the dangers, people still do it. We know that closed doors can be a pain. Fire doors are heavy so can be a struggle for frail people and those with mobility issues. But leaving fire doors propped open is dangerous to others. Most importantly, it is against the law!

Fire Door Safety System

64% of premises visited by the Fire Service are found to have fire doors wedged open. Our Fire Door Monitor system can be set up with hardware so that the responsible person is notified whenever a fire door is kept open for a certain period of time, so it can be addressed. You can also use it to record that you have completed all of the checks you need to do by law. Call us on 01482 424402 to find out more, or visit to find out more.


Hull IT Support

The decision to outsource IT support to a Hull IT support company is difficult, but your business may benefit from doing so, especially if you do not have an IT expert on your team. Here are some of the reasons why it may be the right choice to hire a Hull IT support company.

Hull IT SupportReduce Costs

The salaries of a full-time in-house IT Manager and Hull IT support team will soon rack up. You need to recruit and retain staff, offer additional company benefits and provide on-going training if you want their skills to stay up to date.

For most small Hull businesses, in-house IT specialists are a luxury they cannot afford. Without IT staff, system downtime results in lost productivity and staff trying to solve problems that they do not understand. With outsourced IT support, costs are cut and consolidated into a fixed payment every month.

Provide or Complement In-House Expertise

Your business’s IT support needs may not be consistent enough to provide sufficient work for a dedicated staff member. If you can’t justify a full-time employee but want an expert on hand for system failures, you can call a Service Desk and speak to an IT technician whenever like – paying as you go.

If you do have a dedicated IT person they will need cover for holidays and sickness. If there is a serious problem that’s beyond their capabilities they can seek help.

Focus on Running the Business

In business, time is precious and should be spent on core business activities. Using outsourced Hull IT support gives you peace of mind, and takes some of the stress out your working day while you focus on running the business.

Digitalquill – Hull IT Support Experts

If you think that outsourcing your Hull IT support is the right move – please contact us today on 01482 424402 and to speak to one of our team.

cyber security nhs

We regularly cover internet security and high profile hacks on our blog, but how can you stay safe from hackers? Here are some internet security tips to stay safe online.

cyber security nhsUse a firewall

A firewall is a hardware or software barrier that sits between computer networks. They are used between areas that are trusted – such as your own corporate network – and untrusted – such as the internet. A firewall offers protection by controlling traffic that enters and leaves the network using a series of rules (or filters) set by the user. By blocking certain types of traffic, a firewall can protect against hackers accessing your systems.

Keep software updated

Any software – especially your operating system and web browser – on all your devices: computers, tablets and mobile devices – must be kept up to date. Publishers release regular patches to correct faults in the software that can be exploited by criminals. Older software must be replaced if it is no longer supported with security updates. For example, the devastating global WannaCry attack targeted an older version of Windows that had been patched but many users had not yet downloaded and installed the update.

Use a strong password

Some hackers access systems by using software. Such a “brute force” attack tries every combination of letters and numbers until they find a password that matches. They begin by using words from the dictionary so never use a single word as your password. Every extra character and number you add to your password exponentially improves its security. Often, breaches of security happen because passwords are not changed from the default one that ships with a device or piece of software. That is why you should always change passwords on new routers etc. as soon as they are installed on your network.

Digitalquill – Internet Security Advice for Hull Businesses

For advice on internet security for small businesses and to arrange for your Hull IT support, call us on 01482 424402 or visit to find out more.


Avast Antivirus

It is unsafe to operate business computers without the protection of anti-virus software. You cannot rely on the built-in Windows Defender program or free anti-virus solutions in a commercial environment. Many of the “free” antivirus software packages have strict licence conditions that restrict their use on business PCs, so you are not permitted to use them in a business – and are effectively unprotected. Free software is not professionally monitored, and staff can easily turn off the virus protection. This puts your business at risk of contracting malware such as viruses and ransomware.

Avast AntivirusAvast Anti-virus from Digitalquill

The solution is to invest in a proper business cloud antivirus solution. Digitalquill is an authorised reseller of Avast Cloudcare (formerly AVG), which is one of the best-rated anti-virus programs on the market. It has a very low impact on your system, so it does not slow down your PCs. Its “always-on” protection and deep scans help to keep your computer free from viruses, spyware, ransomware, rootkits, Trojans, and almost all other kinds of malware. It is constantly updated with new virus definitions in the background to keep your business PCs safe. When you choose to be protected by our fully managed cloud business antivirus service, you will have a team of professionals monitoring your computers 24/7 for potential threats.


When you sign up for the Avast Cloud-based antivirus service, we proactively monitor:

  • That the Avast Cloud Virus guard is installed properly and is working
  • That all the latest virus definitions have been updated
  • That scheduled scans have been completed as required
  • If any viruses are found we are alerted immediately
  • We can remotely update the virus definitions and virus guard software
  • We can initiate full virus scans on specific PCs, or all computers on the network

Avast Business Virus Protection from £0.95 per month

It is not costly to protect your business with Avast virus protection from Digitalquill. The Avast cloud antivirus service for business users costs as little as 95p per month per user (if you buy at least 50 two-year contracts). You can benefit from the expertise of a team monitoring your system for virus threats without breaking the bank.

Call Digitalquill today on 01482 424402, email us at or visit our website for more information on Avast Cloud Antivirus for business.