Windows XP Upgrades with our IT Support ServicesWe recently learned that the NHS is still running the outdated Windows XP operating system almost three years after Microsoft stopped fixing bugs and delivering security updates.

Some 90% of England’s NHS trusts are still relying on PCs installed with the Microsoft operating system, which is no some 15 years old. Of those, half have not made any plans to replace the operating system with a modern, secure alternative.

Why is this a Problem?

Because Windows XP is no longer receiving security updates from Microsoft, the health service’s PCs – and with them our private health data – are potentially wide open to hackers and at risk of malware. Vast sections of the public sector missed the 2014 kill-date for Windows XP and were forced to spend thousands of pounds of tax-payers’ money to individually arrange for  temporary support agreements with Microsoft. These were due to be renewed every year but it seems that they actually ended on April 14th 2015 after funds ran out.

We know there are still a number of smaller businesses who have not upgraded to a newer version of Windows yet. The reasons are varied: some are concerned about the cost, others are worried about getting to grips with the new environment. The most common reason is reliance on older software that may not be fully compatible with later versions of Windows.

Why upgrade from Windows XP?

The reason keeping XP is a problem is firstly that it is no longer supported by Microsoft and other companies. New software will not support Windows XP and Internet Explorer 9 and for older software the support services will gradually be withdrawn. If you have problems, then you are on your own.

Secondly – and more importantly – Microsoft’s security updates are no longer being issued. The monthly updates to protect against malware and viruses may have stopped, but the hackers have not and they are still working away to get at the unprotected data left in vulnerable XP-based systems.

Migrating To a New Operating System

If you do have a plan to move away from Windows XP yet, don’t worry: Digitalquill can help you. We can look at your software needs (including solutions that allow Windows XP software to run on other operating systems in a secure environment if you still need them), and we can assist you with anything from replacing a single terminal to installing a new OS on multiple PCs. We will also be there to help with training on the new system, and may even be able to develop new software to improve your business practices.

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