Fire Door Monitoring Software SystemIt can be difficult for businesses that operate across multiple sites to keep track when only a single staff member is dedicated to Health and Safety duties. Fire Door Monitor is an innovative solution to allow your nominated fire safety representative to discharge their legal responsibilities.

Prevent People Propping Fire Doors Open

If fire doors are left propped open, it can cause a significant health and safety risk. They should only be used for access and left closed at all other times in order to act as an effective fire and smoke barrier. If doors are propped open then it increases the risk if there is a fire, and it could result in a fail if a fire inspection is undertaken by the fire brigade.

Magnetic catches, with wireless transmitters are installed onto each door, allowing it to be opened only for a maximum specified time before the system sends an SMS and email alert to the nominated fire officer to visit the site. Full reporting tools are available, so it is possible to see which doors are opened and for how long.

Fire Door Inspection System

We use an RFID system to place RFID transponders at each fire door and our software manages inspection schedules and informs the responsible party when inspections are due. This means that the inspections cannot be manipulated or faked, the nominated person must have visited those doors, in order to carry out the inspection.  The software system then integrates with those inspection records to provide reporting and monitoring of the schedule of those inspections to ensure they are carried out in conformance with the Fire Safety regulations.

Compliance with Fire Safety Legislation

Not only does our Fire door monitor software tell you when doors are left open, it also monitors and maintains records of inspections carried out under The regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 BS 9999 which stipulates that inspections must be carried out on fire doors every 6 months. This means that even if the nominated fire officer is not on site, legal duties or any other national standards can be fulfilled.

It places legal responsibility on the responsible person (which defaults to the owner or managing director of the company if no-one is specified in company documents) to carry out these inspections and ensure that fire doors are kept closed and are in a serviceable condition: not locked, less than 3mm gap, closers work properly etc.

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