Amazon Go RFID SystemsAmazon have announced their new retail store concept: Amazon Go. The Unique Selling Point of Amazon go is that there are no checkouts, no staff and no queues – everything is done automatically.

Using RFID to improve the Shopping Experience

The store will use RFID systems to detect when a customer has selected an item (or put it back on the shelf) and will keep track of purchases as shoppers work their way around the convenience store. When they leave with their goods, their Amazon account will automatically be debited without the need to produce any payment ID other than, presumably, a mobile phone or similar that will allow them access to the shop in the first place.

This concept represents an exciting new use for RFID and brings the technology even further into the mainstream. By using RFID transponders and RFID software together in such a way, Amazon are introducing a whole new way of shopping and helping to bring RFID technology into the mainstream. It moves RFID transponders out of the ‘Industry of Things’ and into the mainstream consumer world.

Digitalquill RFID Systems Experts

Digitalquill have been working with RFID systems for a number of years now. Our systems bring RFID out of the field of library books and stock control into exciting new areas such as automated access management with our AccessMonitor software; and equipment rental with RentalMonitor.

We also produce AssetMonitor, for the RFID enabled management and tracking of assets, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions that use RFID smartcards to increase customer loyalty. Fire door monitor alerts managers when fire doors are propped open and Inspection Monitor is used in hotel chains and restaurants to irrefutably prove that checks have been done. Our RFID software is in use all over the world in a range of industries and we are pleased to see Amazon choosing RFID technology for their Amazon Go concept stores.

Use RFID to Boost your Business

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