RFID Food Hygiene Inspections System helps you get 5 star ratingTwo popular East Yorkshire pub-restaurants hit the news recently when they failed their food hygiene inspections. The Red Hawk in Brough and the Sandpiper in Melton were both told to make improvements to their hygiene regimes after environmental health officers found significant issues and awarded them just one of a possible five stars.

If you run a commercial kitchen, pub or restaurant in Hull or East Yorkshire then you will understand how important it is to keep a record of food hygiene checks for the FSA (Food Standards Agency).

RFID Enabled Inspection Checks

Inspection monitor can help you improve your Food Standards Agency Rating by enforcing regular inspections of your kitchens and establishment by your staff, thus highlighting where improvements need to be made and creating HACCP documentation.

The cost-effective system will run either on existing Android/iOS portable devices or on dedicated mobile terminals. Inspection Monitor uses RFID technology to track assets and locations you need to prove are regularly inspected – and it will inform you immediately when a check is missed or failed. This frees up management time, and gives you irrefutable evidence that the checks were done.

Safe, Secure and Trustworthy

RFID transponders are unique: they can not be scanned remotely, copied or cloned. Your staff member has to have physically visited the location or asset the transponder is fixed to in order to scan it, so  you can sit back safe in the knowledge that the work has been done.

You will only need to review reports or system messages on the rare occasions when something goes wrong. Because it is completely silent when all is going well, Inspection Monitor can vastly reduce the amount of paperwork your managers must sign off each day.

Flexible and adaptable

You have the flexibility to create checkpoints and group them into any number of inspections. Every scan and inspection is recorded in a secure cloud server so you can provide inspectors with an audit trail and generate reports at the click of a mouse.

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