Our Access Monitor system is being used by the Ireland Ambulance Service to control access to their maintenance depots. The system allows them to control access to the main gates – and automatically open them when one of their authorised vehicles pulls up to the entrance barrier or maintenance roller doors.

The system allows them to control access so that only authorised people are on site, maintain a list of people who are on site, know which ambulances are on-site, know which of those ambulances are in the maintenance bays and prevent unauthorised vehicles from entering the facility.

Access Monitor – Controlling access

Access Monitor is a system that allows you to control access points such as doors, roller shutters, vehicle barriers or gates. Staff gain access by scanning an RFID transponder which can be fixed to a vehicle or integrated into an ID card or key fob. The ambulance service are using Active UHF transponders with ‘Free Air’ readers. These are attached to a post next to the gate or roller and read transponders within the vehicles. We have other sites where readers are embedded in the road itself, as the system is totally flexible.

Does your business need to control entry and exit to your sites? If you have a fleet of vehicles that need to pass a checkpoint it is costly to employ staff to open and close gates to allow access  – especially if your site is open 24 hours a day. Key-based systems to control staff entry are all too common but keys can be copied and lost, and staff that leave the organisation sometimes retain them. Keycode systems need the security code to be regularly changed to keep them secure. The good news is that there is a solution to all of these problems: Access Monitor.

Access Monitor Key Features

  • A record is kept of all accesses
  • A list can be maintained of the people of vehicles that are on site
  • Access points can be nested, so that entry cannot be gained to a second barrier unless the RFID transponder was authorised at the first barrier.
  • Access rights can be controlled on a user or site basis, for total control over security.
  • You can instantly allow or deny any specific transponder ID access to a site.
  • All the data is stored securely on a cloud server with reporting facilities.
  • Various forms of RFID Systems, Number plate Recognition or Biometrics can be used depending on the project needs.

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