The use of Biometrics and integration into software systemsBiometrics is the scientific name for the use of biological characteristics to identify or verify the identity of an individual. There are two types of biometric methods in common use. The first is called behavioural biometrics which It is used for verification purposes – in other words determining if a person is really who they say they are. The other type is physical biometrics which is used for both identification and verification purposes. Identification means to determining who a person is. Here at Digitalquill we can use physical biometrics in our software to add an extra level of security.

Fingerprint Identification or Recognition

This type of biometrics uses fingerprint scans to determine the identification of a person. It looks at the unique ridges and valleys on the fingertip and compares them to a sample.  We can use  fingerprint biometrics in our products for such purposes as logging in and instead of passwords. All that is required is an inexpensive piece of scanning equipment.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition uses a series of algorithms to analyse facial features. These might include the position, size and shape of the eyes, nose, cheekbones and jaw-line. As well as 2D facial recognition, which relies on a good quality image taken from the front in good lighting – such as at a security door, 3D biometric facial recognition is now available. In this updated version images are captured with a real-time 3D camera which although more expensive, can be more reliable in some instances.

Retina scanning

Retina scanning, like fingerprint scanning, relies on a unique pattern in the human body – in this case the patterns in a person’s eyes. A retina scan is obtained by looking into a piece of equipment and it can add a layer of security to our access monitoring products.

Digitalquill – Experts in RFID systems

We can integrate biometrics into our software, such as Access Monitor and Inspection Monitor, or our Asset management solutions. If extra security is required those details can be encoded onto a staff card which must be presented and match the biometrics in order for access to authorisation to be given.

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