Digital Strategy to make your business more efficient and profitableRecent research has shown that embedding business software, apps and services could save UK businesses 6 million hours and £2 billion per week. Can you afford to remain inefficient in a changing marketplace? No business is too small to benefit from a digital strategy. In fact, as technology continues to progress into every part of our lives, failing to have a digital strategy is effectively having no strategy at all.

Working More Efficiently Through Technology

Your digital strategy might be about having the right IT tools for the job, or it may involve giving employees smart phones so you can communicate more effectively in the field. It may be using software as a means of allowing people to work when and where they want – ‘Agile working’ – in order to make them more efficient. Perhaps you have legislative inspections that must be carried out and recorded. Or you may wish to include digital tools such as RFID systems as part of a Lean Management approach.

Business Automation through RFID Systems

It might sound daunting to develop a digital strategy from the ground up, but that is where Digitalquill come in: we are experts at business automation, IT strategy and our software makes businesses slicker, more efficient and free up management time. Our business systems use a variety of means, including cutting edge RFID technology, to automate tasks; keep an irrevocable record of checks or visits to a location; and even to manage your customer database.

Digitalquill Can Help Develop a Digital Strategy

If you can imagine it, we can probably do it – and to start with you may wish to take advantage of our virtual IT director service so we can help you articulate a digital vision for your business and we can work in partnership to deliver meaningful change that saves time and effort and boosts the bottom line.

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