We have just completed the layout and design of a double sided, full colour flyer aimed at B2B customers for F G Adamson & Son in Swanland, East Yorkshire. This involved converting some technical drawings into print standard vector outlines as the artwork provided was not of sufficient quality. This is a very simple flyer, it needs to be on a more technical level for the commercial customers who want to know the details and quality of their service.

HTML Email Marketing

We will also be producing a HTML Email version of this flyer which we will send out via our email marketing servers which are specifically designed for bulk email marketing campaigns. Email marketing has the distinct advantage of being able to reach a large volume of people quickly and cheaply. We have designed CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems for this client for them to gather both commercial and residential contacts. The CRM system exports directly to our email marketing servers based on filtered criteria, meaning that they can select the exact people they want to receive the marketing email.

Email Marketing is of course something that needs to be handled correctly, bulk emailing should not be spammy and should always allow the user to opt-out of the emails being sent. Our email marketing servers handle this and allow the sending of many thousands of emails in one campaign, giving analytics and tracking on the success of that campaign.

Flyer design for the second year

This is an important campaign for F G Adamson & Son as they need to get the work in during the winter months to prevent their clients machines being down during the grass growing season. We handled the design of this flyer last year when it proved successful for them. They now have a second depot in Lincolnshire and are widening the reach of their advertising campaign to cover the whole of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

Time To Sharpen Up Flyer / Advert Design and Layout

Time To Sharpen Up Flyer / Advert Design and Layout