Man runs into burning building to save laptop - he should have backed upA New Orleans author recently risked his life to re-enter his burning home to save his laptop, which contained the only copies of his two finished novels. Luckily, he made it out safely with his life’s work – and his life – intact, but he needn’t have put himself in such danger if he had made a regular backup to a cloud-based server or kept a copy of his work at another location.

“But Backing Up Is Complex and Time-Consuming”

Backups do not need to be complicated. It is possible for us to set up your system to silently make automated backups while you work, with no need for your intervention. A backup regime is important even if you are self employed and the only person in your business – just imagine what would happen if you lost your main work PC. How would you operate your business? How would you get back your work in progress? Your client records? Can you even a value on your business continuity?

“But I have a USB Stick I Keep My Files On”

We often hear people telling us that they back up to a USB stick. This is better than nothing, but:

  • What happens if there is a fire?
  • What if it gets lost or stolen?
  • What if a lightning strike wipes out both the computer and the stick?
  • What happens if you get a virus or ransomware that encrypts both the computer and USB stick?

A backup is not a backup if it is kept in the same location as the PC that is being backed up! We offer cloud based backup services, so everything is stored at a separate location. We can design anything from a simple single laptop backup to a complete disaster recovery plan.

“But I Have Free Cloud Storage With Windows”

Don’t rely on consumer cloud storage programs such as iCloud, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive – such services are not guaranteed to keep your files securely, can make no promises about how long they will be around and Dropbox was recently hacked; showing some of the risks associated with such services. If you fall foul of ransomware then their simple ‘straight copy’ backups would just store copies of the corrupted files.

Digitalquill: Experts in IT System Backups

The best backup solution is a combination of full and incremental backups – a periodic complete image of your entire network supplemented by copies of each file as changes are made. We can provide you with enterprise level solutions that do not have a public-facing front door.

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Don’t be the one running back into the fire