Upgrade PC's regularly  for bets productivityThe world of technology moves fast. Computers double in power every year or two, and as software is updated it runs more slowly on older hardware. New technology requires new interfaces, and so your business’s PCs will need to be upgraded periodically no matter how hard you try to make them future proof.

If you do not plan a programme of IT upgrades then you will find yourself left behind, and it will be a much more complex task to upgrade all of your machines at once than to do so piece by piece over a rolling period. There is a much greater impact on productivity when everything is changed at once than a gradual rolling cycle of change where no more than one or two computers are ever out of use – and this can be linked to peoples’ holidays and working times to make sure everyone can still continue to function.

Managed IT Replacement Cuts Costs

We have just finished a mammoth upgrade task for a client who has 31 PCs When we began providing their IT support their hardware was a decade old and on its knees. The only option in this case was to replace all of 31 of the computers and laptops within the last two financial years. This is an expensive one-off cost and can cause significant downtime to a business.

We have now moved them onto a managed plan, where we replace the oldest PCs one by one every couple of months. We prioritise the heaviest users and to keep them at the cutting edge of performance, and aim to replace all PCs on a three to four year cycle. This allows the company to spread the cost while keeping their main computer users up to date with the fastest equipment – without spending money on PCs that languish, unused in offices.

Rolling Computer Replacement Improves Productivity

Old, slow PCs are a false economy. One of the managers in the company was ‘too busy; to have their PC changed until they realised the benefits of doing so. His old PC took five minutes to boot every morning – his new computer’s SSD drive presents him with his desktop in just five seconds. Opening Outlook to check emails took two minutes but it is now available in seconds. Web pages are quicker, switching between programmes is instantaneous and there is no disruption from background tasks such as scheduled virus scans.

Digitalquill I.T. Support – PC Upgrade Plans

PCs are a tool just like a mechanic’s spanner or a hair dresser’s scissors, and with good tools you find that staff have better morale and are more productive – especially when you consider that most office PCs are used all day, every day for nearly every single task that a business undertakes!

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