it asset management with asset monitorWe have just started working with a client who uses our Asset Monitor system to monitor their IT equipment. They have assets such as computers, laptops, projectors and printers spread across five sites, and they need to keep track of each one – as well as all of the consumables that go with them.

Until they started to use Asset Monitor they had no means of asset management whatsoever, and so they had no real idea of who had been issued with which pieces of equipment and could not locate where an asset was. This also caused problems with IT support as they could not be sure what equipment a user had when there was a problem.

They are now tracking IT equipment

With Asset Monitor in place, all of their equipment is tracked and they can run reports whenever they want. If someone requires a consumable – such as a printer cartridge – they can identify what machinery the user has, and ensure that the correct item is dispatched to them which saves them time, rework and money.

The benefits also extend to the balance sheet. The accounts department can get an accurate and up to date asset register on-demand whenever they need one for their accounting process. This is saving hours of time for accounts and also for local staff who no longer need to annually audit their equipment.

Asset Monitor – the easy to use and flexible asset management system

Asset Monitor from Digitalquill lets you track your business’s assets: you can find out where they are, where they have been, and track their movements at the click of a mouse.

  • Uses RFID or barcodes to track when an asset changes location or is passed to someone else
  • Every asset movement can be linked to a member of staff
  • Maintains an audit trail of asset movement between locations
  • Allows for inspection and maintenance tasks to be recorded
  • Can produce a real-time asset register for accounting purposes
  • Links with other Digitalquill systems

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