Point to point networking for connecting buildings wirelessly Point to point is a system that allows you to connect multiple buildings together on the same network, for example to share an internet connection – even if it is not possible to run cables between them. All you need is a clear line of sight between the two and you can connect them wirelessly together.

Point To Point Networking

Point to point is useful for remote locations and outbuildings, but can also be used within built up areas. One of our clients in Hull has two buildings no more than 5 metres apart – but they are separated by a public road which means that a cable could not be used to connect them together due to the need for permissions from the council and highways department.

As a result, they were running two internet connections – one into each building, and using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) over the internet to connect their network. While this did partially solve their problems, all of their internal network traffic was going out over the internet and back again – which caused a huge slow down. This is in addition to the extra costs of running two internet connections when they only required one.

Connecting Buildings Together on a Network – Wirelessly

We implemented a point to point system that connected the two buildings together wirelessly with an ultra-fast connection. It proved so effective that we went on to add more buildings, warehouses and storage shed to the same system. As a result they now have stock control PCs at other locations on their site, with no need to dig up roadways or invest in suspended cables.

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