Free Wifi - PCI DSS Requirements, cafe, shop, public wifiOne of our engineers visited a Hull Cafe during his well-earned Bank Holiday weekend off, and was pleased to see that the proprietors were offering a free Wi-Fi connection. Free Wi-Fi is becoming increasingly common, and is almost a standard feature for cafes now, as an internet connection is taken for granted.

Upon talking to the owners, he was surprised to find that the public Wi-Fi shared a network with their business system. This is a huge no-no – not only from a security perspective, but it also breaks PCI DSS compliance if you run a card payment terminal on your network. This could affect your ability to process card payments and as a result, your ability to do business at all.

We were able to give them some pointers they could take back to their IT services provider that would make their systems more secure, and help them to conform to PCI DSS – without losing the free Wi-Fi services that their customers expect.

Safe Hull Customer Wi-Fi Connection

We were able to explain how the public Wi-Fi access and the business systems and card terminals do not need to be on two networks, or two internet connections. It is possible to configure a firewall that keeps the different area completely separate from one another. It sometimes requires a router upgrade, but other than that it simply takes 2-3 hours work to improve security. It also allows for Quality of Service (QoS) rules to be put in place that stops your business internet connection from being throttled by customers’ usage by saving a certain amount of bandwidth for business use. This is particularly important for Hull businesses due to the generally slow nature of our internet connection.

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