Don't Pay for RansomwareEven big businesses can succumb to ransomware – and small businesses can be at an even greater risk of disruption. One University has been hit 21 times in the last year, despite having their own cyber-security centre on campus! Over 20 universities and almost 30 NHS trusts have also become victims of ransomware recently, which highlights just how much of a security risk this malicious software can be. It is estimated that ransomware attacks have tripled in the last 12 months, with over 4,000 incidents being reported per day in the USA alone. Prevention is the best defence, as if a business succumbs to ransomware it could have devastating consequences.

What is ransomware?

We have covered ransomware in an earlier blog: it is malicious software, like a virus, except rather than destroying data it locks you out of your own computer and demands payment to restore your files. It can spread by email, or can be installed with applications and can be very difficult to remove without expert help. The payments demanded by the criminals behind the software can run into the thousands of pounds. Amazingly, only one of the Universities in the UK the had a ransomware attack reported it to the police, who have now set up a dedicated national team to investigate fraud and cyber-enabled crime.

Digitalquill Experts in Ransomware Prevention

Digitalquill can help you respond to a ransomware attack but – more importantly – we can put systems into place that make such an attack much less likely. The best approach involves a combination of antivirus software, a backup regime and security policies, and we can help you implement both. If you see a ransomware message, you should turn off the affected computer, disconnect it from your network, and immediately contact an expert for further advice.


Don’t let your business continuity be put at risk, and do not risk compromising your sensitive data: act today. Call Digitalquill on 01482 424402, email or visit for more information.