Outside of the big cities, it can be a real challenge getting a fast, stable internet connection. Businesses need the internet, and in areas that rely on tourism there is now an expectation from travellers that they will have access to a steady high-speed internet connection at their accommodation and throughout the day.

Internet ‘Not Spots’

There remain a large number of so called ‘not spots’ across the British countryside where even if ADSL is available, the speeds are woeful – particularly for uploading. A government scheme to bring fast internet to the whole of the UK has still left pockets without a good internet connection, thanks in part to bureaucracy and in part to the ambition to cover the majority of the population, rather than the area of the country.


The impact on rural businesses is huge. It is simply not an option not to be online any more, and those attempting to run e-commerce or other internet businesses find themselves at a disadvantage, or are forced unnecessarily into the big cities. Even traditional businesses such as holiday cottage rentals feel the pinch: customers expect a solid internet connection in order to keep in contact with the outside world, and a lack of connectivity could put off corporate customers.

Point to Point BroadbandDigitalquill Rural Internet Solutions

The good news is that there are solutions, and Digitalquill can help you to get connected no matter how far off the beaten track you might be located. Options include through the air providers, which use satellite technology to deliver data or point-to-point systems where an internet connection can be wirelessly beamed from a location with a strong connection to a remote building so long as there is line of sight between the two.


Don’t let your rural business be left behind due to a slow or non-existent internet connection. Contact Digitalquill today and see how we can get you connected.