hessle-firstLocal trade is critical to businesses of all sizes as although the world is becoming a smaller place and it is easier than ever to trade with businesses across Europe and the rest of the world, small local economies are the foundation on which the national economy is built. Strong local economies keep communities flourishing, keep people employed in the area they live, and provide a future for smaller villages and towns to avoid ‘brain drain’ into the big cities.

We firmly believe in maintaining a strong, local Hessle economy and we always work with local business whenever possible to keep the money locally rather than lining the pockets of business people in London, Europe or the rest of the world. With the recent vote to leave the European Union, we envisage that local trade will become more important than ever, especially as the government begins to negotiate trade deals with Europe and then the rest of the world – when we face the possibility of trading barriers when buying and selling services and products with our neighbours.

Digitalquill: Putting Hessle First

At Digitalquill we are proud to be members of Hessle First – the organisation to promote Hessle businesses and to encourage residents to shop here rather than sending their money out of the community. To this end we offer a discount to our customers who are based in the HU13 Postcode area.

We can offer a range of products and services to Hessle businesses including:

  • IT Support
  • Computer hardware
  • Website design and management
  • Content and blogging
  • Graphic Design and Posters
  • CCTV Systems

As well as our range of Radio Frequency enabled products which include tools for tracking assets, maintaining fire safety compliance and customer relationship management for salons.

Digitalquill for all of your Hessle IT needs

Don’t delay, let us give you a quote for your local business’s computer or software needs: Give us a call today on 01482 424402.