You may not have heard of Ransomware. It is a form of malware (malicious software) that acts in the same way as a virus – except instead of destroying the files on your computer, it locks your screen and presents you with a message telling you that you have to pay an amount of money to restore access to your own computer.

Help! What Do I Do Now?

It can be a terrifying experience to be presented with such a demand, and your first instinct may be that you should make the payment – particularly in the case of some malicious software that may allege you have visited websites or downloaded files onto your computer that could be embarrassing or even illegal. Some of the ransomware even imitates the Police, preventing you with an official looking logo – but be aware that no law enforcement agency ever operates in such a way and you should never, ever enter your credit card details following such a prompt.

What you should do as soon as you see the screen is stop using the computer, and call an expert. Here at Digitalquill we are familiar with many different types of ransomware and we are skilled in the removal and prevention of such attacks. Once we have restored access to your computer we can advise you on how to avoid becoming a victim again, and help you with a backup system that will protect your files in the future.

Ransomware removal and Ransomware prevention

Even if you have not suffered an attack from a piece of ransomware, we can check that your virus and malware prevention tools are up to date and working effectively. If you are not sure whether you have protection, then we can audit your system and make sure you have all the safety measures you need. Call us on 01482 424402 for advice.