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August 2016

Free Wifi - PCI DSS Requirements, cafe, shop, public wifi

Free Wifi - PCI DSS Requirements, cafe, shop, public wifiOne of our engineers visited a Hull Cafe during his well-earned Bank Holiday weekend off, and was pleased to see that the proprietors were offering a free Wi-Fi connection. Free Wi-Fi is becoming increasingly common, and is almost a standard feature for cafes now, as an internet connection is taken for granted.

Upon talking to the owners, he was surprised to find that the public Wi-Fi shared a network with their business system. This is a huge no-no – not only from a security perspective, but it also breaks PCI DSS compliance if you run a card payment terminal on your network. This could affect your ability to process card payments and as a result, your ability to do business at all.

We were able to give them some pointers they could take back to their IT services provider that would make their systems more secure, and help them to conform to PCI DSS – without losing the free Wi-Fi services that their customers expect.

Safe Hull Customer Wi-Fi Connection

We were able to explain how the public Wi-Fi access and the business systems and card terminals do not need to be on two networks, or two internet connections. It is possible to configure a firewall that keeps the different area completely separate from one another. It sometimes requires a router upgrade, but other than that it simply takes 2-3 hours work to improve security. It also allows for Quality of Service (QoS) rules to be put in place that stops your business internet connection from being throttled by customers’ usage by saving a certain amount of bandwidth for business use. This is particularly important for Hull businesses due to the generally slow nature of our internet connection.

Digitalquill – PCI DSS Experts

If you have a Hull business and want to discuss PCI DSS compliance, information security, or want to offer a customer Wi-Fi connection we can help. Call Digitalquill today on 01482 424402 or email





Business Security is a requirement

Business Security is a requirementIt recently made the news that the All Blacks’ hotel room had been bugged, and barely a week goes by without news of some kind of industrial espionage taking place. Big businesses, public institutions and companies working on elements of the national infrastructure all take industrial espionage very seriously indeed. Smaller businesses often do not consider it to be something that could affect them, but is it really worth taking a risk with your corporate data?

We have heard stories of governmental tenders being sold on by rogue employees, resulting in the company being undercut by its competitors and losing business as a result. Just think about how valuable your information is: what could you do if you had access to your competitors’ customer contacts databases and the prices they charge them? It does not just happen to big companies in the public eye, and what may be inconvenient for a corporation could be catastrophic for an SME.

Keeping Data Safe and Secure

The good news is that information security is easy to control, and simply requires the right mixture of governance, management of policies and also the right software tools to prevent, discourage or trace any leaks that might occur. Your data should be stored securely, restricted to those who need to access it, and protected from prying eyes. An IT security expert will soon find any gaps in your policies or software that could be exploited by external hackers or even your own employees – and plug them for you fast.

Digitalquill – Information Security Experts

Digitalquill are specialists in document management systems that can track and record access to and distribution of your valuable computer data. We can assess your risk level, recommend both practical and technical solutions to minimise or mitigate risks and we can help you to keep your data safe and secure.

The right information security can keep you safe from internal and external threats, and give you peace of mind. Call Digitalquill today on 01482 424402, email or visit for more information.

Carbon Footprint

certificateDigitalquill believe in being good neighbours, and we are acutely aware of the impact that a business like ours has on the planet. It is easy to forget that online businesses have a carbon footprint, but all of the servers, computers and devices that we use and install on a daily basis rely on electricity and have an impact on the environment.

How Much Carbon Can The Internet Create?

The carbon footprint of the internet has been estimated as 300 million tonnes of CO2 per year. That is the equivalent of every single UK citizen flying across the Atlantic and back – twice!  It is easy to forget that the internet is not just floating in the air, it lives in servers located all over the world, each one being powered by energy that has to come from somewhere. Every little helps, and as well as ensuring we use materials from sustainable sources, and taking energy saving measures we take additional action to balance out the impact of our business on the planet.

Plant Trees to Cancel Out Carbon

Corporate Social Responsibility is rapidly becoming an obligation for all businesses, and we are proud to lead the way in this regard. Digitalquill take part in a carbon offsetting scheme – we plant trees to cancel out our carbon footprint and have just received our latest certificate for another tree that has been planted on our behalf. All businesses need to be aware of the impact they have on the planet – both directly and indirectly – and we are glad to do our bit – and would encourage everyone to do the same.

Don't Pay for Ransomware

Don't Pay for RansomwareEven big businesses can succumb to ransomware – and small businesses can be at an even greater risk of disruption. One University has been hit 21 times in the last year, despite having their own cyber-security centre on campus! Over 20 universities and almost 30 NHS trusts have also become victims of ransomware recently, which highlights just how much of a security risk this malicious software can be. It is estimated that ransomware attacks have tripled in the last 12 months, with over 4,000 incidents being reported per day in the USA alone. Prevention is the best defence, as if a business succumbs to ransomware it could have devastating consequences.

What is ransomware?

We have covered ransomware in an earlier blog: it is malicious software, like a virus, except rather than destroying data it locks you out of your own computer and demands payment to restore your files. It can spread by email, or can be installed with applications and can be very difficult to remove without expert help. The payments demanded by the criminals behind the software can run into the thousands of pounds. Amazingly, only one of the Universities in the UK the had a ransomware attack reported it to the police, who have now set up a dedicated national team to investigate fraud and cyber-enabled crime.

Digitalquill Experts in Ransomware Prevention

Digitalquill can help you respond to a ransomware attack but – more importantly – we can put systems into place that make such an attack much less likely. The best approach involves a combination of antivirus software, a backup regime and security policies, and we can help you implement both. If you see a ransomware message, you should turn off the affected computer, disconnect it from your network, and immediately contact an expert for further advice.


Don’t let your business continuity be put at risk, and do not risk compromising your sensitive data: act today. Call Digitalquill on 01482 424402, email or visit for more information.


Point to Point Broadband

Outside of the big cities, it can be a real challenge getting a fast, stable internet connection. Businesses need the internet, and in areas that rely on tourism there is now an expectation from travellers that they will have access to a steady high-speed internet connection at their accommodation and throughout the day.

Internet ‘Not Spots’

There remain a large number of so called ‘not spots’ across the British countryside where even if ADSL is available, the speeds are woeful – particularly for uploading. A government scheme to bring fast internet to the whole of the UK has still left pockets without a good internet connection, thanks in part to bureaucracy and in part to the ambition to cover the majority of the population, rather than the area of the country.


The impact on rural businesses is huge. It is simply not an option not to be online any more, and those attempting to run e-commerce or other internet businesses find themselves at a disadvantage, or are forced unnecessarily into the big cities. Even traditional businesses such as holiday cottage rentals feel the pinch: customers expect a solid internet connection in order to keep in contact with the outside world, and a lack of connectivity could put off corporate customers.

Point to Point BroadbandDigitalquill Rural Internet Solutions

The good news is that there are solutions, and Digitalquill can help you to get connected no matter how far off the beaten track you might be located. Options include through the air providers, which use satellite technology to deliver data or point-to-point systems where an internet connection can be wirelessly beamed from a location with a strong connection to a remote building so long as there is line of sight between the two.


Don’t let your rural business be left behind due to a slow or non-existent internet connection. Contact Digitalquill today and see how we can get you connected.

You may not have heard of Ransomware. It is a form of malware (malicious software) that acts in the same way as a virus – except instead of destroying the files on your computer, it locks your screen and presents you with a message telling you that you have to pay an amount of money to restore access to your own computer.

Help! What Do I Do Now?

It can be a terrifying experience to be presented with such a demand, and your first instinct may be that you should make the payment – particularly in the case of some malicious software that may allege you have visited websites or downloaded files onto your computer that could be embarrassing or even illegal. Some of the ransomware even imitates the Police, preventing you with an official looking logo – but be aware that no law enforcement agency ever operates in such a way and you should never, ever enter your credit card details following such a prompt.

What you should do as soon as you see the screen is stop using the computer, and call an expert. Here at Digitalquill we are familiar with many different types of ransomware and we are skilled in the removal and prevention of such attacks. Once we have restored access to your computer we can advise you on how to avoid becoming a victim again, and help you with a backup system that will protect your files in the future.

Ransomware removal and Ransomware prevention

Even if you have not suffered an attack from a piece of ransomware, we can check that your virus and malware prevention tools are up to date and working effectively. If you are not sure whether you have protection, then we can audit your system and make sure you have all the safety measures you need. Call us on 01482 424402 for advice.

Hessle First

hessle-firstLocal trade is critical to businesses of all sizes as although the world is becoming a smaller place and it is easier than ever to trade with businesses across Europe and the rest of the world, small local economies are the foundation on which the national economy is built. Strong local economies keep communities flourishing, keep people employed in the area they live, and provide a future for smaller villages and towns to avoid ‘brain drain’ into the big cities.

We firmly believe in maintaining a strong, local Hessle economy and we always work with local business whenever possible to keep the money locally rather than lining the pockets of business people in London, Europe or the rest of the world. With the recent vote to leave the European Union, we envisage that local trade will become more important than ever, especially as the government begins to negotiate trade deals with Europe and then the rest of the world – when we face the possibility of trading barriers when buying and selling services and products with our neighbours.

Digitalquill: Putting Hessle First

At Digitalquill we are proud to be members of Hessle First – the organisation to promote Hessle businesses and to encourage residents to shop here rather than sending their money out of the community. To this end we offer a discount to our customers who are based in the HU13 Postcode area.

We can offer a range of products and services to Hessle businesses including:

  • IT Support
  • Computer hardware
  • Website design and management
  • Content and blogging
  • Graphic Design and Posters
  • CCTV Systems

As well as our range of Radio Frequency enabled products which include tools for tracking assets, maintaining fire safety compliance and customer relationship management for salons.

Digitalquill for all of your Hessle IT needs

Don’t delay, let us give you a quote for your local business’s computer or software needs: Give us a call today on 01482 424402.