Category Master Plugin for WordPress

The Category Master Plugin allows you to automate the categorisation of your site based on keyword rules. The plugin has its own interface which allows you to build up rules. These can be as simple as where a post contains the word ‘Red’ place that post in category ‘Red Shoes’

You can of course build multiple rules and your rules can be far more complex, excluding or including posts based on their keyword content.

This plugin is the ideal sister to the Datafeed Import and Amazon Import plugins, meaning that you do not have to rely upon the categorisation the merchant provides you in their datafeed.

You may also be faced with a large site which has been poorly maintained over the years or you may simply want to update the category structure to reflect the new direction your site has gone in since you built it.

The Category Master Plugin for WordPress automates this process taking out the time consuming manual process of editing each post and changing its categories.


  • Add posts to categories based on keyword
  • Exclude posts from categories based on keyword
  • Batch run rules on archive posts
  • Run rules on post creation and Update
  • All users can contribute feature requests to drive the development of the software
  • One off payment
  • Use on unlimited sites as long as those sites are your own
  • Free upgrades

Online Demo

You can try the Category Master Plugin before you buy using our online demo. This is a full demo of the plugin, which resets itself every hour, on the hour.

Click Here to View the Online Demo

Buy Now

The Category Master Plugin for WordPress costs just £15, this gives you free upgrades, free support and free usage on as many sites as you like as long as you own those sites.