Create a site from Amazon products in a matter of minutes, with no coding or costly development. Have it automatically keeping itself up-to-date leaving you to spend your time on marketing.

If you can use Wordpress and a web browser you will be able to use the plugin. Its simple interface has built in help in case you need that extra support.

Amazon runs one of the highest converting affiliate programmes. Make their products a part of your affiliate campaigns and earn more!
The New improved Amazon Import Plugin for Wordpress 2.0

We have just released 2.0 of the Amazon import plugin for Wordpress. This builds on the success of the last version of the plugin by allowing you to manage multiple imports from Amazon based on different keywords or categories. It introduces advanced filtering to allow you to be more exact with your imports, opens up scheduled importing and makes some changes to comply with the Amazon API terms and conditions to ensure that your website meets their requirements. The major improvement in version 2.0 of the plugin is that the limitation of importing only 500 products has been removed. The plugin now imports 1 product every second partly to comply with Amazons Terms, but this also allows us to gradually import larger numbers of products over time.

We are very excited by this new version of the plugin and hope that you will find that it provides you with additional tools in your online marketing toolkit.

The Amazon affiliate programme is one of the highest converting of all affiliate programmes, this is why we have developed the the Amazon import plugin for Wordpress, which allows you to rapidly create a website containing products for sale on Amazon using the power of Wordpress and our unique WYSIWYG template editor.

You give the plugin your Amazon API keys (details of how to get your free key can be found here) and an affiliate id, you then choose a keyword or phrase and an Amazon category to search and the plugin will import products matching your keywords and create posts from them based on your template design. The plugin handles categories and tags creating them where required, and will update posts already made, meaning that you can create a fully automated site using this plugin which will go and get updates for your products from Amazon.

There is no need for manually add products to each post, this plugin has a unique interface which allows you to manage the import of Amazon products and website simply, with the minimum of effort, leaving you to concentrate on what you are good at, marketing and making money!

Main features of the Amazon Import plugin
  1. Wordpress 3.x Compatible
  2. Works with any Amazon or their partners products
  3. Multiple import manager to import based on many search terms
  4. Unique easy to use post template interface
  5. Creates Wordpress tags and categories automatically
  6. Automatically updates existing products when details change on Amazon - Amazon TOCs state data must be refreshed every day. The plugin allows this.
  7. Makes custom fields available
  8. Advanced filtering to improve your import, exclude or include products based on additional keywords
  9. Import 1 record per second to comply with the Amazon TOCs
  10. Allow scheduled drip feeding of posts that are created over a specified time. Publish 1 post every hour, 5 posts every day etc.

For the full details of what the Amazon Import plugin can do please go to the features page

Basic usage of the Amazon plugin
  1. Sign up for a free Amazon API Key
  2. Install wordpress
  3. Install the plugin
  4. Enter your Amazon Keys when asked
  5. Create a search term on an Zmazon Category
  6. Create a template
  7. Click submit and import the matching products
  8. The plugin schedules the import and gradually imports the matching products.